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People live, and they die. And when the last person who ever cared about them dies... They're officially forgotten. Being forgotten is scary, almost as scary as being unheard. Maybe it's cliché, to want to write your life down for strangers to read... Or maybe it's just what girls do when they're 7 months away from adulthood and utterly lost with regards to life.
anyway, here I am... Writing. Maybe to no one at all, maybe to someone who cares, maybe to someone who doesn't give a crap. Either way, it feels good to type these words...

its so weird how I always wanted to be at this point, now I'm here and all I want it to fast forward or rewind. Or maybe just pause a bit. Its scary when little things define your future in ways that you wish it wouldn't. Like how the exams that are two weeks away would determine my university options... When I'm not ready to think about uni options. Since I could remember I knew what I wanted. Study veterinary medicine, travel, write a book, fall in love. Now I'm trying to hold on to a love that's suffering because of different paths, and I'm realizing that adult life isn't as easy as those YouTube beauty gurus make it out to be, cause I sure as hell am not going to end up in Asia or Europe anytime soon... And the worst, wanting to go after the career I've wanted all my life when everyone is telling me I have no future with it.

honestly, I feel restless. I want to find people with depth. I want to go places that are breathtaking. I want to have conversations that mean something. I want something more.
or maybe I'm just a teenage girl with a hormonal problem... Who the hell  knows!

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I want to have conversations that mean something

I also long for a deep conversation with someone. peace

And where do you study, by the way? In which country, first of all.
And you remind me of myself in your age))) I did most of that things and it's became not so cool as it seems. Travelling across the Europe is boring after 7th country in a year, nobody needs a book and fall in love is too painful and damaging.
But it's my way, yours may be different))

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